Veteran Fleet Procurement and Logistics Expert Joins IoTDrive Automotive (IoTDA)

IOTDrive Automotive (IoTDA) is pleased to announce that Glenn Udall, former senior director of fleet procurement and services for one of the world’s largest car rental companies has joined the organization as the new Vice President, Business Development, Automotive Division.

Mobile Dealer Data’s (MDD) Initiates a Physical Asset Management Transformation

Mobile Dealer Data (MDD) has achieved a new milestone in the development of real time and time stamped asset tracking including asset location, asset movement, human asset interaction, automated asset alerts, asset prediction and other asset quantification as needed.

Mobile Dealer Data Enables Dealerships To Save And Make Money

Mobile Dealer Data enables the tracking of assets, as well as the analysis of how to make a business more efficient, effective and ultimately, more profitable by using the Internet of Things concept.

Mobile Dealer Data Teams with Marlin Equipment Finance to Offer Zero Down Financing

MDD now offers dealers zero down, flexible financing through Marlin Equipment Finance for “We Find Keys & Cars,” an automated, real time, tracking system that finds cars and keys in a second.

Don't Keep Them Waiting: Give Wired Car Shoppers a Seamless Experience

Has your dealership kept up with the speed of change? Are you ready to deliver an exceptional customer-focused experience?