"This is the solution for which we’ve been searching"

— Mark Seipel | Fixed Operations Director | Penske Motor Group


IoT Drive Automotive (IoTDA), previously Mobile Dealer Data (MDD), has evolved beyond its original concept of MDD, and now operates throughout the entire automotive industry with its flagship product We Find Keys & Cars™ —the cost-effective real-time location system (RTLS) that automatically tracks and instantly locates anything with a key that moves, in order to provide actionable insights necessary for process optimization.

Retail Automotive
  • – Gain control of your inventory with precise accuracy and know where every vehicle is at all times
  • – Create visibility of your entire inventory and capture key data points in order to establish, meet and improve KPIs
  • – Generate fast and flawless audits with a real time audit report
  • – Equip management with the tools necessary to increase employee efficiency
  • – Create a simple and cost-effective visibility platform to capture key vehicle movements and events in order to optimize your business processes
  • – Provide efficient inventory audits for better asset control and reduce dependency on human resources
  • – Establish your KPIs and dashboards to manage processes through exception management
  • – Leverage a substantial data warehouse to provide best in class asset status for your customers and clients
Fleet Operations
  • – Provide a substantial data warehouse to manage staff and processes, empowering your operational leaders to drive efficiencies
  • – Monitor parts and other costly vehicle components to mitigate loss and expense
  • – Leverage real time fleet status to reduce non revenue vehicles and drive fleet utilization
  • – Measure all aspects of your operation and leverage data to drive process changes and improvements